5 signs you are making a leap in consciousness

Mount Batur under the full Pisces Supermoon

There has been a lot written in the last few months about the physical symptoms caused by the leap in consciousness the planet, and us as her inhabitants, are making right now. Yes, that’s right, the whole entire planet is growing and expanding in consciousness. How can this possibly be so that every single atom on the planet, and all of the 7 billion plus humans are growing? Remember, separation is an ILLUSION. When you grow the whole world grows and that’s really how we lightworkers SERVE. When you commit to awakening you commit to the awakening of the whole planet. The truth is, we can’t ascend alone. We are ONE. Remember this always. We all have to evolve as ONE. The beauty of this is that your commitment awakens others even when they don’t know about it. Live authentically in love and you change the entire world!

It is absolutely true that everything is accelerated at this point in our history and our fragile human bodies are bearing the brunt. Symptoms include headaches, tinnitus, exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety, cravings and the list goes on and on. There is no doubt that there is an increase in people reporting these symptoms without being able to find a logical cause. At lunch this Easter weekend I sat at a table of 6 adults and 3 of them had just had blood tests to try to locate the cause of their physical fatigue. All blood reports were clean. There is no reason why these healthy, active people are suffering.

But the symptoms of evolution don’t stop with the body. Other signs you are evolving might be:

  1. Confusion. About your path, purpose and passion.
  2. Self-doubt.
  3. Dissatisfaction with your job.
  4. Doubting your relationship.
  5. And finally, a desire to run away from your life.

So what is going on? How can it possibly be a positive thing to have debilitating physical and emotional symptoms even if they signal great evolutionary growth? Amazingly enough, all these signs are POSITIVE. You are growing my dear, beautiful friend and you’ve got growing pains.

Physical symptoms suggest an increase in your vibrational frequency. Ultimately you’ll be more in tune, more peaceful and definitely more psychic. You’ll make good choices for your body and health more of the time.

Emotionally, you’ll be more authentic, honest, open and LOVING.

Spiritually, you’ll know your purpose with clear focus and absolute clarity. And what is that purpose? It doesn’t matter how you get there or what path you choose to take, the truth is the same for all of us. We cannot evolve without LOVE for all. We cannot ascend as a planetary consciousness if we leave even one person behind. We are evolving for all. The more you love the faster you move the planet to a state of grace. Be the love you don’t see around you. You’ve got the power to shift the world.

And right now, the ENTIRE Universe is supporting you energetically. Love your ‘leap in consciousness’ symptoms. They are showing you just how far you’ve come. And hold tight dear one. These symptoms will pass as the new energy integrates in your being. You are the LIGHT!

April 6, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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