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Hey there sunshine,

Know thyself.
Scorpio season has always been a fascinating time for me. As a Scorp (my birthday was just yesterday) I know I have all the feelings often all at the same time, but in Scorpio season odds are that everything will get even more intensified and wild within me (and outside of me).
This year has been no different. Except for one extraordinary thing. This year, perhaps for the first time, I feel like I really am coming to know myself.
I am admitting to myself who I really am. I am allowing myself to acknowledge and ask for what I need. I am witnessing myself in the full light of day.
I recognise what is habitual thinking.
I recognise what is addictive behaviour whether that addiction be to a thought, a feeling or an action.
The work of getting to know myself is life long. I feel as if I have bee excavating my heart all my adult life to find the diamond that resides beneath the mountain of mud (the mountain of mud being many things including the ‘forgetting’ of our true nature that occurs when we are born into this dimension of reality).

The thing is you are a unique and remarkable expression of God. The more time you give over to knowing your true nature the more you are able to offer your unique expression of cosmic consciousness to the world. Instead of just imitating others, you find your true, clear voice, perhaps so long buried in you that you are not sure you even have one.

You must give up unworthiness now as an act of service to the planet. Playing small limits the possibility of your power to walk the path of service to which you have all been called.  A Course in Miracles states:

Whenever you question your value, say: God himself is incomplete without me.

This is not ego. This is the opposite of ego. This is how you stay true to your path and do not allow yourself to be induced by the temptation of the ego to be little and insignificant. You are ready.

Know thyself was inscribed above the entry at the Temple of Delphi. It is an ancient and essential commandment for the spiritual seeker.
Another way to think about all this is CONSCIOUSNESS. How conscious am I in my daily life? How often are my actions unconscious reactions to a life-long program of fear based thinking? How often does my life consciously express my heart’s truth? The answer is probably not very often. But it is the work of our lives as lightworkers.
Here are 7 ways I commit to the edict Know thyself in my daily life:
  1. I don’t try to do it on my own. I have a number of amazing professionals (including an EFT coach, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, and a family psychotherapist) as well as a group of peer mentors and friends who all support my journey.
  2. I have solitude every day. (“In solitude, where we are least alone” Lord Byron).
  3. I honour my body as the worldly expression of my soul and I serve it! Keeping our body in optimal health is a sacred, spiritual act. All is one. Don’t leave your body out of the equation. Find out what your body needs and does not need and then change what you need to change.
  4. I sweat it out. When I run or do yoga I feel the clarity of mind and heart and soul as one. I release fear. Fear is a great obscuring tool for access to your truth. Find ways to work through the body to powerfully release fear. Your body is such an incredible spiritual resource.
  5. I create ritual. This is another way of bringing consciousness to your actions. EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE CAN BE A RITUAL if you bring our consciousness to it.
  6. I read sacred texts every day to remind myself of my true nature. I have a giant pile by my bed! At the moment and probably forever I am reading A Course in Miracles and Thinking Like the Universe
  7. And finally, and this is a big one, I have stopped trying to please people. Their reaction is none of my business. Speaking your truth with love is a radical act. We really have to have spiritual self-esteem well and truly in place to do this. Practice this every day.

Come and experience a private session with me to activate and deepen your own journey of acquiring self-knowledge. It is only when this is done that our lives come to truly reflect our deepest desires. How can you manifest your deepest desires if you don’t know yourself?

All the love and light to you,

RJ xo

November 17, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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