A meditation for parents

IMG_4210 Blessed are the little children! They are filled to overflowing with innocence and expectation. They are the beauty of which we refer when we say to you dear one that the children will show the way forward. They will show the way forward because they expect to be love and to be loved, because their innocence says to the people of the world I AM THAT I AM. Let them demonstrate to you the excitement of being alive, the absolute joy of being. Let them show you trust in the Mother / Father principle and learn to respect and honour their divine perfection above all else. Nurture their divinity and learn to re-awaken this in yourself. Their expression of this truth is your gift when these little ones come onto the planet. Nothing comes between them and their acceptance of their divine perfection and they willing share this beauty with you. This is a gracious gift. Observe the child; emulate the child in its natural and joyous behaviors. Honour the little one for its purity of heart, for its connectedness to the Divine. Let their unconditional love flow freely and remember. Remember how to love unconditionally and with great respect for all life. The little one learns how to be other than pure love by its experiences and eventually it forgets the truth of self and begins to emulate the life it observes.  And so we begin to loose the beauty and the innocence and the wisdom of pure love yet again.

September 30, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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