A missive from Archangel Uriel

My message to this wonderful world…

Today, even in the midst of all that is happening on Planet Earth, I declare Peace Day. A celebration of the huge amount of work that has been achieved all around this beautiful Planet Earth.

Thanks to the ever more quickly evolving methods of communication that are easily available to many people, examples of joy and beauty, peace and happiness are being made available. This is a powerful way to seed the consciousness, spreading hope into a day that may have otherwise been devoid of peace.

And what is peace really? It is different for every person. It cannot be defined easily because each soul is unique and has its’ own way of interpreting what they perceive as reality. We describe peace as a lightening of spirit. It is almost as though you have emerged from a denser environment and are now experiencing your life through a different lens. Things that may have caused you angst now just slide on by without having a hook into your energy. You can breathe more deeply, more easily. You can sleep in a more relaxed manner. You have greater and greater amounts of energy available to you now because many of the things that caused worry and concern have no power over you now.

It is also true that in a state of peace (this state is always evolving) your attention is for the most part right here, right now. Being present to this moment releases a huge amount of energy as you let go of the past you were dragging behind you. You also have access to the energy you were trying to project into the future. What you are left with, having released the past and your need to control the future, is a great deal more usable energy in this very moment in time.

In a state of peace you are more focused and find yourself achieving more without effort. In this place you have accessed the power of your remarkable mind as it supports you in your effort to break free of the illusions that would keep you imprisoned in a jail of your own making. Peace of mind is a powerful form of freedom.

So wherever you find yourself on your life’s path take time to celebrate the freedoms you have already created and begin to realise that you are profoundly capable of creating peace in each and every moment. Allow all of your goals to merge into one…the most powerful goal of all…PEACE, your own personal, beautiful and graceful form of peace.

Archangel Uriel

February 18, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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