A sneak peek in to what fearlessness looks like.


Today, I am giving you an intimate look into the Intuitive Training workshops. I can tell you all about what we do in these life-changing weekends. I can even share the audio from the training itself (you can listen in here to the first hour of the first day, including an incredible chakra cleansing meditation).
But today I draw the curtain back to share with you what a looks like in the workshops.
And there is good reason for that.
You see the thing we most yearn for in our lives isn’t stuff or money. It isn’t qualifications. It isn’t even the perfect partner. It is a feeling. 
And that feeling, whilst it might have many names, has one quality. It is the opposite of fear. The thing we all desire is the feeling of love. Because where there is love there is peace, joy, bliss, happiness, freedom and most importantly FEARLESSNESS.
My Intuition workshops bring you in to the place of fearlessness. You see, intuition rides with love. Want more intuition? Increase your capacity for love. 
So I offer you a glimpse into the intuitive training series today to see what it looks like to get fearless and intuitive, and the kinds of people who turn up to do this. In doing this I hope you see that it doesn’t take superpowers or exceptional people to become fearless. It simply takes turning up, and making a decision that this day…
I am ready to live fearlessly.
I am ready to hear the sweet clear whisper of the Universe guiding my life.
I am ready to be free.
I am ready to choose love.
Make that choice, the choice to simply turn up, and the Universe will rush in to support you. That is how we mere mortals become creator gods.


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August 10, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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