Advanced Energy Medicine – are you ready to be excellent?

  • Do you identify as a soulpreneur or a heart centred business person?
  • Do you support your clients to be more of who they are through your business?
  • Are you a coach, mentor or complimentary therapist who is becoming more and more aware that you ‘know’ things about your clients without knowing how?
  • Do you desire mentoring in the intuitive sciences?
  • Do you want to get better at supporting your clients to grow?
  • Are you an intuitive or energy healer who craves deepening into your already awakening skills?


If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of those questions then this training is for you!


  • This is mastermind training designed for people with a working knowledge of the chakras and who now desire to dive deep into understanding the relationship between the human energy field and the Cosmic laws of the Universe.
  • If you are a life coach, complimentary therapist, intuitive, massage therapist or anyone is becoming more and more aware of the energy of themselves and their clients then this training will powerfully support you.
  • The Professional Development Series launches in August, and it is part of my personal commitment to contribute to the professional development of anyone who works with clients on the path of service, and tunes in to or reads the energy field of their client.
  • It is my commitment to ensure that our clients receive precise, practical and life-changing readings and healings, mentoring and coaching, delivered with the utmost care, and it all begins with the first training module:

Advanced Energy Medicine: Learning to Read and Decode the Human Energy Field.

This is not simply more information about the human energy field. This is training in HOW to read, communicate with and program the human energy field. The energy holds a wealth of information to practically support the human experience. Accessing this information makes a vital contribution to your work on the path of service.

Finding a mentor and deepening your intuition

If you have been craving spiritual mentoring and high quality professional development to take your skills to the next level then this training meets that call. The mentoring is provided as much by the energy of the group as by myself as facilitator. Your fellow students bring a wealth of wisdom to the training, and together we exponentially increase our capacity to uplevel and deepen into our skills.


PERTH 19.09.16

GOLD COAST 12.11.16

// B O O K  Y O U R  P L A C E  N O W

July 6, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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