Are you ready to lead the new age?

Dear sister,

I am speaking directly to you today. I am on a quest for my next Priestess posse! Is this you?


What would it take for you to step in to your spiritual power? How long until you respond to that deep yearning to live your soul nature in every moment of your life? When will you know you are ready to be the leader of the new age? 
I am currently on a personal quest to find and train those who know they are here for a divine purpose. Lightworker Institute is committed to leading the revolution in excellence in the intuitive sciences. This requires excellence in training new leaders. Are you a spiritual change agent?
If you feel your soul leap in joy at this question, then, yes, you are. I am determined to create a new industry standard in the intuitive sciences, one in which intuitives are identified by a gold standard qualification, and live highly successful, abundant lives.

Those who feel called the love revolution must step forward now. Now is the time of fearlessness. And when you are equipped with profound processes of reading, mentoring, coaching and healing intuitively, you feel no fear. You know you have what the world is calling for, and your success in inevitable.
Read more about the Third Level, my 12 month program to become the most excellent intuitive guide and spiritual leader HERE.
Enrolments are now open for July 2017 intake. Acceptance in to the training is based on an interview with Ricci-Jane.
Is the Third Level for me?

The Institute has created the Third Level program for those desiring to be masterful in the intuitive sciences. The training is for awakening and awakened women called to the path of service.

You want to feel purposeful, soul-driven and intimately connected to your intuition in your daily life so that your power to serve is exponentially increased and your success is inevitable.

By working with the Institute you have the potential to take your innate intuitive skills to the level of scientific precision and become the go-to person in your soul-based field.

Ask yourself…

  • Are you ready to be a spiritual leader?

  • Do you want 12 months of spiritual and business mentoring?

  • Do you want to be confident in your energetic healing abilities?

  • Do you want to master the intuitive sciences?

  • Are you ready to be the go to person in your field and be booked out months in advance?

  • Do you want to work as an intuitive coach, mentor, reader or healer?

November 18, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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