Be part of the Gymea Retreat 2015 Fire Ceremony

Tomorrow I am off on retreat with an incredible group, all willing and excited to deepen the connection to their intuition in an immersive experience.
This is going to be a remarkable intuition activation experience, and we want you to be part of it too!
On Saturday night, 14th November 2015, at 8pm AEST (GMT +10), we will be leading our intimate group in a fire ceremony and I am inviting you to join with this remarkable experience. Here’s what will be happening…
The fire ceremony is a sacred ritual is designed for release and attraction. We are letting go of the old to make way for the new. The smoke of the fire acts to release and renew us as we burn up the past by placing our written intentions of what we want to let go of into the fire. We then make a powerful intention for what it is we want to draw into our lives as we move forward unburdened by the past.
How to join in the Gymea Retreat Fire Ceremony
  • Send an email to¬†with the subject line: Fire Ceremony. I’ll add you to the list and energetically connect with you at the time of the ceremony, calling you to join us
  • At the appointed time,¬†8pm AEST (GMT +10) on 14.11.15, go to a quite space inside or outside where you won’t be disturbed
  • Make sure you have a small, oven proof dish or bowl and a candle and lighter
  • Light the candle
  • Close your eyes and take several lengthened breaths as you consciously connect with the energy of the group at Gymea
  • Write down one or more things you are now ready to let go of that no longer serve you. Be clear and specific
  • Close your eyes again and breath consciously into your heart
  • Imagine the candle flame as though it is sitting at your heart. As you breath in and out observe the flame at your heart growing and expanding effortlessly until it consumes your whole body in light
  • Feel all heavy energy melting away. Take as long as you like here
  • When you are ready, take the piece of paper on which you have written your release statement and carefully hold it in the candle flame. You can place it in the dish or bowl to allow it to completely burn up
  • Now, as the paper burns out, take a fresh sheet of paper
  • Close your eyes once more and breath into your heart. This time you feel a warm, emerald green glow at your heart centre as though you are the very centre of the fire
  • Connect to that which you now command the Universe in the name of divine love to draw into your life with ease and grace
  • When you are ready write this intention down
  • Fold up the paper and once more place it in the flame of the candle
  • We release our longing and surrender to the divine timing of the Universe to bring this new energy into our lives
  • We know that even in asking it is done and we trust our co-creative partner, the Universe to draw it to us when the time is right
  • Make sure the paper is completely burnt out in the bowl and then take the ashes outside and bury them in the garden or scatter them on the ground or into a pot plant
  • Give thanks to the Universe for all that you are and all that you have exactly as it is at this moment now
  • Take a seat once more in front of the candle flame and bow your head to the wisdom of your heart
  • Take a deep breath in and when you are ready blow out the candle, signalling your intention to complete the ceremony.

Well done! You have just powerfully programmed your reality in partnership with Universal Consciousness and exponentially increased the power of that action by joining with others doing the same thing at the same time.

November 11, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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