Big changes are coming and I want you to be the first to know

Hello dear friend,

As we enter the final month of 2016 I notice with wonder and awe that my offer to the Universe, Lightworker Institute, is going through some beautiful changes. Her evolution is of course my evolution, and yet I feel like this Institute is leading me right now. She is asking me to go to the highest level of what I am called to do.


As Gay Hendricks would say, I am being pulled out of my zone of excellence and into my zone of genius (please do read The Big Leap if you haven’t done so, especially if you’re a spiritual entrepreneur). Lightworker Institute and I are upleveling. Big time. And I am so excited to share these changes with you.


My vision is big. I mean really BIG. I want the whole world to be fearless! I know that fearlessness is effortless when intuition is activated. How can this not be so? Intuition is the language of the Universe, and in this intimate connection to the divine we know we are ONE with all that there is. This is fearlessness.


There are two parts to this vision…


1) To reach the whole world I need to get my hands on a LOT of people. Maybe I can’t get my hands on all of them personally, but I certainly intend to try with a posse of lightworkers around me! So from 2017, I step into the role I always intended to occupy in my own Institute – teacher and mentor. As Principal of the Institute my role is to train to the level of excellence the priestesses who will stand by my side to lead the revolution in the intuitive sciences. These women will take up the mantle as the readers and healers in the Lightworker Institute Method. This method is life changing and I am so excited to see it already being taken out in to the world by the sisters I am training. By July 2017, I will have a graduated class of Intuitive Guides ready to take up the work of private sessions, transforming fear into fearlessness. And the next cohort of Third Level priestesses will be beginning their training. Already the call is being heard, and those women ready to lead are stepping forth to say, ‘Yes, this is me!’ Nothing makes me more excited. Seriously.


Whilst there will be those clients who I continue to work with privately, this will be in a deep mentoring capacity. This simply means that I will work with those people who want to commit to real and sustainable change in their lives over time. I am currently taking bookings for mentoring with me over 3-6 month blocks beginning in April 2017. If this interests you just email me at


2) Most importantly, I can only offer what I am being. Stepping into the teacher and mentor role (with a great big side of writing) means stepping away from the comfort of the known. It means meeting my fear. This is the work of my life. Where there is fear there is not light. I am a lightworker. My work is my ministry. Integrity is the only way to achieve the incredible success that Lightworker Institute has achieved in such a short amount of time. Just as I would not teach others how to have wild abundance as a spiritual entrepreneur if I was not actually achieving that myself, I cannot teach fearlessness if I sit in my own fear. We must walk our talk!


If you’re still reading, thank you! Thank you for being part of this evolution. I am so honoured to serve you.

I love you like Christmas,

RJ xo

December 7, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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