Card Reading for 24th October 2014


From left to right: Card #1 – Revelation. Card #2 – Acceptance. Card #3 – Surrender

Welcome to our weekly Friday card reading. The cards are drawn on Friday and posted on our Facebook page, and read on Monday giving you a whole weekend to tune in and make your selection. if you haven’t chosen a card, do it now! Time is not linear and your choice will be just as valid in this moment. Don’t forget to subscribe to Light Works! if you haven’t done so already to get your free weekly reading. 

Card #1 – Revelation. This card means for you…What is revelation? When something previously concealed becomes apparent. When the extremely obvious to everyone else is suddenly obvious to you also. When you reach new and higher levels of understanding. Right now it is all of these things for you. You have not been seeing the full picture but now is the time for revelation and it will become painfully clear to you what your next steps must be. Yes, painful is the right word for you will be letting go of old beliefs, outmoded relationships and unhealthy habits in the process, and some of this is going to hurt. But nothing compares to the ecstasy of right-mindedness and that is exactly where you are heading. Fear nothing. Living in Light always trumps clinging to darkness.

Card #2 – Acceptance. This card means for you…Thy will, not my will is a beautiful adage which means just as it sounds…accepting the direction that the Universe wants you to go rather than trying to force something into being. Acceptance is being in FLOW. It is trusting the intuitive impulses you are feeling rather than trying to reason them out. But all of this is a bit of contradiction when so much spiritual stuff tells us that we can have/be/do anything as long as we really focus our attention and energy. The truth is we are always free to move along whatever path we want. What we are really trying to say is this – you are in partnership with the Universe and it is an open dialogue. The more you communicate right now the more powerfully you will be able to create lasting joy.

Card #3 – Surrender. This card means for you…oh, sweet, luscious surrender. To truly fall deeply into the arms of the Beloved, knowing you can never fall or fail. Here in the arms of the Divine you are perfect and nothing can touch you. It is now, this place, always has been and forever will be. If you can operate from this place of knowing in your life at this time you will need nothing outside of you, not the comfort of a lover, or the security of a job or even if we take it to it’s end point, the shelter of a physical home. You are in the arms of God. Surrender to this and feel all that which you desire come towards you. You cannot do anything but surrender now. There is no other way forward. Release, let go, give up all exhausting, fruitless longing. You are finally free to stop trying. Let the Universe take over for a while.

October 26, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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