Earth is a place for true advancement…are you making it work for you?

Channeling on the violet ray

Channeling on the violet ray

If all that Earth had to offer was mind-numbing boredom, fear and pain from birth to grave, why do so many choose to use her as a platform for their souls’ progression?

The answer is simple……this place is, in reality, a stage for true advancement to occur, a place that offers the greatest potential for going from dark to light, from fear to unconditional love. And love and light are the only vehicles that will carry us home again, back into the heart of creation, of the creator.

So, how do we utilise this information in our everyday lives? How do we stop wasting every precious day by filling it with trivia and how do we open our eyes to our potential?  And just what is our potential and how do we access that?

It really is not as complicated as it sounds. It is a matter of changing your mind. If today when you wake you simply go about your day in a fog of repetition, awake but not really, conscious but only to a point, you will be living the way most of us do. It is really a form of sleep walking, this never ending repetition that we call life. We occasionally intersperse the mundane with something that may make our heart sing. This makes it all bearable.

What if we didn’t have to create illness, mental or physical, to be able to jump off the wheel of expectation for just a while? What if we didn’t have to use all of our precious emotional energy trying to avoid situations that might rock our equilibrium, and this on a moment to moment basis?

What if we had the courage to step out of this scenario for enough time to really look for our own amazing potential? For many of us this is too big to tackle. Not because of any logical reason, but just because life may have squashed our ability to believe in ourselves without someone taking us by the hand and offering to shine their light on our beautiful soul, revealing what has become so deeply hidden that you may have forgotten it existed, now or ever.

It is all about the remembering. Remembering requires time out, time to sit quietly with possibility. The possibility that you have what you need to create a lifetime that you would love to live. That everything you need is deep within you…how many times have you heard that old chestnut?

You are stuck, trapped and doing the best you can to follow the rules, do what is expected from you, treading water as fast as you can, all the while feeling your light dimming from exhaustion. There has to be more and there most certainly is, you will be delighted to know.

Imagination is the key to everything now. Imagination. Just, for a silly, unaccountable moment choose to access your fabulous (if unfamiliar) imagination. Let it take you on a wild ride to a place you would love to be. Here in this imaginary place of your choosing you find a great freedom. The freedom to create your own reality lives right here. So, in the power of your own mind lies access to a world of your own creation via your own remarkable imagination.

Here, in this most sacred of sacred places, exist all of your hearts’ desires. This place is filled with your magnificent potential, quietly waiting for you to visit in full awareness and begin the remembering of your reason for being. And you will remember here, in your sacred heartland, that you are a creative genius.

April 21, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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