Enter the Golden Light!

IMG_6145Imagine that it is early in the day and you have such a lot to do before the day ends…well, if you are like most people you won’t have to imagine too hard!

Already there is a little anxiety building and you just hope you have the energy you need to complete all of your tasks. You once again wonder why you try to build so much into every day. You know your energy reserves must be allocated so that you can do a good job with all of the things that must be achieved before you can put your head down on your pillow tonight. And so the days go by, filled to overflowing with things that must be done. The weeks and months blur into a foggy haze and the only thing that beckons on the horizen is more of  same.

And sometimes you wish for an easier way, for a magic genie to pop into your life.

Enter The Golden Light, a powerful ally in surviving the everydayness of life. The power of The Golden Light is in its remarkable ability to turn everything into gold!

This is true alchemy at work. Utilising this power every day will make a huge change in the quality of your life, in the choices you make for yourself, in the energy you have available and in the joy of living your wonderful day.

So, what is it and how do you access it and what does it cost?

This Golden Light is an aspect of your own higher, wiser level of knowing – your great soul wisdom and you realise in this calm and balanced state that you are in the process of connecting and interacting efficiently with body, mind and soul. In a few short moments you have remembered to integrate all of the aspects of the miracle that you are and suddenly you realise that the genie was always there, just waiting to be remembered and integrated into every aspect of your life.

Do the following short exercise to access the Light:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine you are seated in a very comfortable chair in a very beautiful room in a magnificent building – a place you would enjoy to be present.
  2. Relax by breathing deeply 3 times and becoming aware of your surroundings. Such a beautiful place to be…just using this visualisation is a powerful relaxation tool but we are using it to access the Golden Light.
  3. Now, as your breathing becomes relaxed you become aware of the energy surrounding you softening even more.  A gentle mist of golden light begins to descend, filling the entire space. You breathe it in and immediately become aware of your body relaxing deeply, even as your mind becomes clearer and brighter. You sense all of your internal organs becoming more effective, more efficient. Your breathing becomes more harmonious and you suddenly become aware of joy flooding your entire being. Your thoughts seem to harmonise with your body, as your mind recognises the needs of your body.

And as for the cost – well, where do we begin? To begin with you must surrender anxiety, most of your stress levels, panic at every level and andrenalin! You will notice with practice that your addiction to filling every moment of every day will begin to ease, allowing time for you to be still and quiet and to absorb the Golden Light.

You will notice as your life begins to take on a golden hue in everything you do, think, feel and say. You – becoming the golden light.

April 9, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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