Everything’s amazing and nobody is happy

I am writing to you today from 11,500 metres in the air somewhere above Esperance. We have just returned to flying over land after taking a wide sweep across the Great Australian Bight.


I am, as I am whenever I am in a plane, full of wonder and awe. Everything delights me because I know I am in movement.


What do I mean by that?


I thrive on change. I am primed for it. My entire childhood was one of constant travel, changing homes and schools like other people changed underwear. And I loved it.


I am primed for adventure. No matter how small the journey I am energized by the opportunity to change-up my routine. There is a strong knowing in me that when things in my life change I usually expand and awaken to even deeper levels of my being. This is the case for almost all of us. Almost all of us are also hardwired to believe that the change has to be painful, traumatic or grief-stricken.


It really, really doesn’t. We are here on the planet to awaken our consciousness. Our beloved co-creator, the Universe, doesn’t care how we do it. We have decided as a species collectively at some point that personal growth of any worth must be hard won and ultimately destructive. The dark night of the Soul, baptism of fire. Do these phrases ring a bell? Of course they do. We are culturally indoctrinated to suffering as a natural process of being human.


I want to take a moment to consider another way.


When we are open to the possibility of being in wonder and awe at the state of our lives, we are even more likely to evolve. This is miracle mindedness. I have been talking a lot about miracle mindedness of late. You see awakening is simply the process of putting space around our normal, habituated responses to the world. Something extraordinary happens to shock us out of humdrum, usually slightly negatively attuned normal state of functioning. This extraordinary event might be difficult – the ending of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, financial disaster – or, what if it’s not?


What if we simply chose to look at the ‘ordinary’ of our daily lives as extraordinary events? What if we see the clean, drinkable water flowing out of multiple taps in our home as a freaking, awe-inspiring miracle? What if we viewed the world with innocence?
What would happen is simple. We become attuned to the positive, higher, lighter frequencies. We then attract more of those same frequencies. We see the miracle in the mundane. We witness life with openness and curiosity rather than judgment and fear. We return to love.


I am in a metal flying machine, thousands of metres above the ground, travelling through both time and space like a freaking wizard. I am a time traveller, a bold explorer, floating above the land. I am certain this adventure will change my life for good. I am certain of that truth always.


I love you like Christmas dear one,

RJ xoxoxo

May 12, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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