Foundation of Intuition

I have been a spiritual seeker all of my adult life. I did my first Reiki training when I was 15. But in fact I started before that because my mother is a great channel and so all of my life it’s been very normal for spirituality to be at the front and center of who I am. As an adult spiritual seeker, I’ve spent the last 25 years really establishing my spiritual truth. Really investigating and digging deep into knowing what is it that is real? What matters of all the smorgasbord of ways that we can believe and make meaning out of the world.

What works for me? What’s real?

And what I’ve come to know is this, it doesn’t matter what faith you follow, what guru you bow down to, what oracle cards you buy, how many crystals you’ve got. If at your foundation there is fear, love cannot be there.

And when love is not there, all of your spiritual seeking is simply superstitions and trinkets loaded up on top of your fear in an attempt to cover it up. Nothing that we do can have any root, can take hold until we meet our fear.

Everything that I teach is based on this premise, go forth and meet your fear fearlessly. With a system and an approach that will empower you to meet yourself and to know your divine truth. And then you may build whatever you like on top of that. But that is all the cherry on the top.

At your foundation you must hold love. Not paying lip service to it but truly transforning darkness into the light.

This is the work of Intuitive Intelligence. Meeting our fear and going forth as ambassadors of fearlessness. It is the only way to transmute the darkness into light.

Join me to become intuitively intelligent in your own life and find that everything you build from that point forth will flourish. It is inevitable. For love is all there is.


April 10, 2017

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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