How to become an energy architect

This Sunday just gone I had the immense pleasure of inviting a group of remarkable people to remember themselves as architects of the all the known and unknown universes. We also had lunch. We were all done by 5pm.

Seriously, as grand as it sounds, awakening to your power to construct the world of your waking reality is a remarkably simple process. It does, however, require commitment and consistency. But you know what? It’s going to change your life for good so it’s worth it right?

So here’s the technique:

  1. Sit with your spine straight. Make sure you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Focus on your breath. Deepen your breathing, extending the length of the in breath and the out breath.
  3. Continue for 5 minutes.

Ok, you just changed your life for good. What’s that? Yep, this little technique has just profoundly increased your Heart Rate Variability – that is, the space between your heartbeats. One of the most powerful tools for change we have is to spend as much time as we can in the gap between our heartbeats. This is the sacred space in which we are in communion with divine consciousness. Nearly 25 years of clinical research has shown that, when HRV levels are high, people can experience lower stress levels and greater resiliency. (Read more about this research here).

If you want to be in communion with the highest part of yourself, and engineer the divine matrix in accordance with your highest good, then increase your HRV, reduce your heart rate and get in the Cosmic Gap. From here, the Universe speaks back to you and reality moves into co-creation.

Want more profound energetic architecture techniques? Join us for Intuitive Intelligence and Intuitive Energetics in March 2016.

Love and all the light,


RJ xo

November 5, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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