How to release yourself from self-doubt

10978622_10152692889507671_4249591532301631832_nToday we look at healing – at the spiritual level that is. Healing at this level is always the healing of perception – of clearing the energy that we unconsciously use to empower belief systems that do not support our perfection. And yes – you are already perfect, and wise and beautiful and strong…… it’s just that somewhere in time that enemy of perfection – doubt -takes hold and grows like a nasty virus. And we do loudly deny that this is happening, usually unaware that doubt could be undermining our choices, our health and robbing us of our peace.

Different types of energy psychology techniques are emerging now and they can be a very effective way of helping people break the barriers and begin to understand what is standing in the way of finding that peace.

At Lightworker Institute we recognise the need that we all have to escape from our own self judgement, to remember our true and powerful nature and to allow ourselves to simply be. In order to assist others (and ourselves in the process) to come closer to this perfect place, we have created ‘Lightwork’. This powerful 3 day training helps us to re-engage all of the perfect and powerful parts of us, bringing us into a more centered and present energy.

During this course you are supported as you explore the ways you might communicate with the many parts of you, as you re-connect with your amazing soul wisdom, as you re-activate your connection to your own heart-based knowingness and so much more.

At the end of your 3 days of training you will be a certified ‘Lightwork’ Practitioner. Lightwork is an accredited modality with IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapy) and Lightworker Institute is an accredited Training Organisation with the IICT.

We have a training course beginning March 6 on Macleay Island (Brisbane), in May in Melbourne, in July on the Gold Coast and in Melbourne in September. For more information go to

February 25, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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