How to access your creative force


I’m guessing you write everyday. I do. And when I write I feel at such total peace.

Writing itself is the very best way for writers to become better. But there are practical tools that can structure that writing so you actually commit to increasing your skill as a writer.

When you write from the space of the Soul, no matter what content you are producing, you exponentially increase your creative force. How does this happen? Writing from the Soul is writing that is in FLOW. Anyone who has ever written anything will tell you there are days when you write effortlessly and days when it is like pulling teeth. A disciplined writer will write through the pain but most of us will chuck in the towel on those teeth pulling days.

When you get into the SOUL ZONE to write, however, you’re actively connecting to the FLOW; you’re not leaving it to chance.

If you’re like me you don’t have a lot of time to write. And when you do you need the words to pour out of you. I need to be occupying the flow of the Soul Zone from the very first minute. And so I’ve developed some amazing strategies to make this happen. Let me share one with you now.

  • Sit in your writing space, either at your desk or in a comfortable chair with your spine straight. Have pen and paper beside you.
  • Make sure your phone and wifi connection is off.
  • Close your eyes and deepen your breath.
  • Visualise, feel, sense or imagine that gathered behind you are all the great writers you admire. Don’t try to identify each one, just let the feeling of this great creative collective infuse you.
  • Visualise this collection of great creative powerhouses merging into one beautiful energetic bubble. See the individuals fade into this collective consciousness that now surrounds you completely.
  • Breath easily and as you breath in feel yourself merging further with this creative power. It is like a luminous white mist that you breath in and out with ease and grace.
  • Now, pick up your pen and paper. Write the words, I AM.
  • Take a deep, clarifying breath and as you do allow your mind or sense to identify a figure in the creative mist. They are standing behind you. You can feel their presence. Take another deep breath and then write the name of the person you can feel behind you. The name will be there instantly. Don’t second guess yourself. Write the name down so you now have the sentence ‘I am…’.
  • Now, keep writing. This will be a message for you directly from the creative source or the Soul Zone. Don’t question, critique or correct. Just keep writing for 5 minutes.
  • When this time is up move to your writing task for the day without speaking or distracting yourself. Feel, sense, think or imagine your writing guide moving with you. Feel their hand on your back as you write. If the feeling fades, stop what you are doing and close your eyes taking a deep breath as you do.
  • Keep writing.
May 3, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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