I climbed a mountain – a post in pictures

Mount Batur under the full Pisces Supermoon

Mount Batur under the full Pisces Supermoon

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Ok, dear ones. Prepare yourself for some serious metaphor! It has been my great privilege to be in Ubud on yoga retreat this past week. This is attainment of a long held dream and to top it off I am here with my two best friends and the greatest yoga teacher I have ever practiced with.

It also happened to be the week of the Pisces supermoon and the same month in which Angel, Angelique and I brought our beautiful new creation into the world, Lightworker Institute. Let’s just say, it’s been a good month so far.

But this week and this month is the completion of a 12 year cycle that has brought me back to my true home at a far deeper and more profound level. The completion of this cycle was not something I was consciously aware of and yet now my face has turned to see the completion, I feel enormous joy and gratitude well up inside of me.

The surest sign of this cycle completing is the birth of Lightworker Institute and my powerful return to my true heart’s desire, that of the path of service to my brothers and sisters by holding the light in full consciousness. This is not an easy task but when you are in the flow of your life you will move mountains if need be to reach that place of passion and peace. This is what I feel in being able to make my soul’s passion my life’s work.

So, when my dear yoga teacher casually suggested that the group of divine women I am retreating with all climb a mountain together I was certain that this mini-pilgrimage into the absolute unknown for me was a powerful enactment of the completion of this cycle of my life.

I gave it no thought as we began our climb in the dark at 3am. Full of energy and vigour I joked and laughed my way up the gentle slope. The incline became steeper, of course, and I easily continued my pace. But as we reached the half way point, I looked up and saw the snake of torch lights disappearing up the mountain side and I became absolutely uncertain of my capacity to complete the climb.

I made my decision to proceed despite my aching legs and panting breath. It was still pitch black and I knew if I continued I would definitely see the sunrise, which was the absolute pinnacle for me. So many times I have visualised myself in meditation atop a mountain watching the sunrise through the clouds.

On this day we were blessed that there were no clouds and sunrise would be absolutely visible. Achingly I began again along the path and the steepest part of the journey. Loose stone and sand slipped away under my feet. It was tough. Really tough. But every time I looked up I could see my fellow Goddesses surging on drawing me forth with silly stories and warm encouragement. Almost to the top I lost my strength. I paused, panting, defeated.

Out of no where a guide, not the one assigned to our group, was at my side, smiling and strong, and he took my hand without a second thought. He literally pulled me up the last remaining, chatting easily with me and distracting me from my pain.

And then I was there, in the moon light and there as the first warm glow appeared on the opposite side of the sky. It was astonishingly beautiful and something I never thought in my life that I would achieve. As our guides brought us hot coffee and the sky changed from night to day I revelled in the sense of physical and mental achievement.

It is the triumph of my soul that most amazes me now. In spite of the journey of self-doubt and fear that I walked through the last four years, my soul’s purpose never abandoned me. It waited patiently, gently, not pushy or proud, for me to recognise and return. If I can climb a mountain and stand on the top of the world in my absolute truth it is because of my soul’s power.

It is your power too. Don’t rest until you find it.

September 12, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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