I walked away from everything I loved…and a joyful announcement

IMG_4382About 5 years ago I had a thriving practice teaching metaphysics and offering psychic readings. I was training a group of amazing women to be psychic readers and watching amazing positive change transpire in the lives of those who came in contact with the energy they connected to.

And then I stopped.

The path diverged in front of me and I walked away from the spiritual life I had been practicing.

This could seem like a really bad idea but then and now I knew it was the right one.

In essence, of course, everything is spiritual so you never actually walk away from spirituality. I still strove to live a life connected to be sixth sense and motivated by a love for the Divine. But I was not working in the field that I know is my life’s work. Instead I was working on mothering and partnering and domestic bliss. And I was working as an academic (with Aquarius rising I am powerfully drawn to the world of the intellect as much as the Scorpion sun in me is drawn to all things metaphysical). This academic was the completion of a path that had begun when I started a PhD and finished just this year when I realised with every fibre of my being that for me it is not enough to live in a soulful way.

It is also my mission, my purpose and my true love. I am here this lifetime to serve, to serve humanity, to serve the Divine and to bring those two aspects of the human life into one realm of consciousness. This is my work and since returning with full love to the path I have never been more at peace.

As part of this return, Lightworker Institute was born just one month ago and already it has grown so much more than I could have hoped.

It is with great joy that I announce my return to offering psychic readings. You can find out all you need to know on this site, or you can email me directly to make a booking. ricci@lightworkerinstitute.com.au

Namaskar beloveds

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October 5, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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