I wish I could say this in such a way that you would know

Flying Chinese Lanterns

I wish I could say this in such a way that you would know, unequivocally that it is true, to feel it in your bones…. None of this is real, it is all a big illusion! You are in-fact a great and magnificent soul animated by God’s love. These things we can see, touch, taste and smell are just a tiny fragment of what is real, what is true, what is making up our experience, and yet we worship them like they are the God we seek, like they are the air we breathe like they are the fulfilment we crave, but… They are false idols. They are just things, it is just stuff and although stuff makes our life more comfortable and can be fun, it will not bring us lasting happiness or true fulfilment, no – that must come from inside of ourselves. From that place inside where everything is perfect (yes, it is there!)… That place inside you where you have everything that you need, always and forever.

We so readily give away the true gift of our lives, slave to moments past through guilt, regret or shame or any negative emotional state we attach to the past, or we might also give away this precious gift as we project to a future moment by stressing, worrying, fretting about life, business, finances etc…

That gift we give away is so incredibly precious. Defying description. It’s the point of it all. The gift, the prize, the bounty and yet most of us move through life almost unaware of its existence, because we were not taught, they did not know…. But that is why you are here, you want to know what that gift is… You know there is more, you are a seeker, and here you shall find some answers.

Welcome… We’re so glad you came.

September 14, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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