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1386883180I spent this weekend with medical intuitive, ghost activist, modern mystic and all round powerhouse Belinda Davidson. The 2 day training I attended instilled in me a profound sense of personal power and gave me access to new ways of thinking about myself as an intuitive, and especially my role as an intuitive reader.

What inspired me the most, however, was Belinda’s rally cry that she repeated several times throughout the weekend: the need for excellence in ourselves as intuitives¬†and in all those who ply this trade. That means of course we must work consistently and diligently on our own expertise and demand more of ourselves all the time. It also means that we shouldn’t accept hohum readings from others. We should ask for more specificity in interpretations provided by readers, and really require the often missing next step – what do I do with this information to improve my life?

You see, 2 things are almost always true when people seek out an intuitive reading.

1) The individual feels that his or her life is not working in some way and they want to change it

2) They  are not offered accurate or specific enough information to do anything useful with in order to change their own lives.

I am 100% with Belinda when she states that no reader can provide a future prediction of a client’s life. What we can do is be so accurate and specific in our reading that the next best steps for the client are clear, and they feel so empowered they take action to improve their lives on their own behalf.

In my background as an academic there are very clear checks and balances for professional excellence, and there is a constant drive to do better. If you don’t, in most cases, your career won’t advance. There are also many external measures for knowing if you are improving. Academics, once again in most cases, aspire to the top level, Professorship, to evidence their skill and expertise. They publish, they research and they continually expand their knowledge.

Like Belinda, I strive to get better all the time, through a commitment to my personal development, and a commitment to expand and deepen my innate capacity as a reader. For example, even though I felt very clear practising as medical intuitive in the training this weekend, I won’t put that on my website as my skill until I have completed an anatomy and physiology qualification. I want to be the best medical intuitive I can be and that means my training continues.

You have the power to advance the state of the industry. Don’t accept wishy washy readings. Don’t buy into vagaries and half-truths. Demand more. Expect more. And if you don’t get it go elsewhere. As a reader, invest in your skill and personal development consistently.

Despite being a subtle sense, intuition is no less real than sight, touch, taste and all the rest. A really great reader will use his or her sixth sense with the same kind of accuracy that you would expect from the sight of a surgeon.

If you want to know how to intuitively excellent, and see profound positive change in your own life join me for the Intuitive Training Series in Melbourne.

August 24, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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