In the Temple of the Muse

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There is a good reason that so many ‘spiritual’ people aspire to write. It is the same reason that so many writers speak of writing in ‘soulful’ terms – the visitation of the muse, being in flow, being a channel for the writing that simply moves through you and so on.

The truth is creativity is the language of the soul. What does this mean exactly?

When we want to express our interior selves we use creativity in all it’s myriad forms to do so. This may not be a conscious impulse in everyone who expresses themselves creatively, but what is available to the conscious mind is the knowledge and the experience of just how good it feels to be creative.

Creativity has no limits in its application. It is not simply in the creation of art that we creatively express. It is in the way we decorate our homes, the images we choose to hang upon the walls, the way we dress, the music we listen to, even the communities with which we choose to spend time. We feel profound satisfaction when we engage in activities that reflect back to us our own creative souls.

Creativity is the juice of the soul and when we don’t have a creative outlet in our lives we perish. Maybe slowly, maybe quickly, but eventually we dry up and all our juiciness leaves us. Writing is something everyone can do at any time. It is probably the most accessible creative medium there is. And I say, MORE! MORE! MORE! The more people who are participating in some kind of creative, soul-nourishing act the more gently, loving and balanced the world is.

There is one thing you need to do to be a writer or to engage in the act of writing and that is…to write. Not rocket science but an often overlooked aspect of achieving your dream. Excuses are very easy to make. And self-doubt is a great generator of excuses, but there is a simple task that can make it possible for you to get closer to your great creative soul (that is, in addition to JUST DOING IT!). Come with me on this little visualisation…

Close your eyes. You are in the Soul Zone. In the middle of the Soul Zone, atop a glorious mountain sits a temple. You are standing outside the temple with the door in front of you. Around you the mountain air whips your hair into your face with its power. It howls as it swirls around your body. You can feel every single part of your anatomy alive and tingling with the force of the mountain wind. You place your hand on the door and it opens inwards. You step inside. The door closes behind you. You are in a vestibule, an antechamber. It is silent compared to the deafening power of the wind outside. Your body warms as if from within. You breath in deeply. The scent in the air is so familiar, so comforting. You step around the partition in front of you, to the right and the magnificence of the temple presents itself to you immediately. It is bejewelled dome of impossible luminosity. The walls around you reach up hundreds of metres into the sky. They generate their own light although there are no windows that you can see. In the temple it is warm and light all the time. You notice as you move around that there are cosy nooks everywhere and luscious cushions spread all about. You see also the Muse. She is still and silent hovering above you as you walk. She is watching as you choose your place for today. You find a place inside the temple that calls to you. The scent is strong here – perhaps the smell of warm bread, roses or incense – and the seating supports your body in just the right way. You are totally at peace. You do not want for anything. A warmth emanates downwards from the muse and you begin…whatever it is you choose to create this day, you effortlessly begin and peace emanates from you.


May 5, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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