Intuitive Intelligence And Heart Math Institute

Intuition is the language of love, not fear.  It isn’t just a Hallmark platitude to say intuition is a heart-based function. HeartMath Institute has been doing cutting edge research in this field since the 90’s. In a recent study, HeartMath proved that when prepared using heart coherence practices developed by the Institute, participants demonstrated intuitive precognition of the images randomly selected for them to view. And whilst both the heart and brain played a role in this intuition, the heart knew before the brain.

But how do we get the subconscious fear to quiet down so we can hear our more subtle intuitive intelligence emanating from our electromagnetic heart?

My answer is always the same because it is exactly what I have used to become what I am today.

The answer to ‘how?’ is not sexy but it is the way. Practice.


The more we use our intuition the more we know our intuition. We have to build up the intuition muscle in exactly the same way we would if we wanted a six-pack. I do not regret the time and effort put in to attuning to my intuitive intelligence. My life is one of great personal and professional success.

Living from intuition comes with a deep sense of calm and certainty.  That’s what intuition feels like. It is not our intuition we do not trust. It is ourselves. Opening to our intuition deepens us into intimacy with ourselves. It draws the subconscious fear in to the light of day. It leads us to our fearlessness. And that is the beginning of true success.

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March 6, 2017

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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