Intuitive Intelligence Philosophy

We are all intuitive. But it’s not enough to know that.

We have to find a way to live that truth.
It’s time for us to change the conversation about intuition.
It isn’t the work of a chosen special few.
It isn’t random and just show up in your life when you’re desperate or needy.
It isn’t even anything to do with crystals and angels and oracle cards.

Quite simply, intuition is the most powerful consciousness engineering tool that we have as human beings.
It is the most profound way and the simplest to bring our lives into a state of unlimited bliss, wild abundance and inevitable success.
It isn’t enough though to know that we are intuitive.
Just as we have the faculty to speak French it doesn’t mean all of us will.
We need to hone our intuition muscle. We need to craft our intuition through discipline and practice.

I call this Intuitive Intelligence.

It is the philosophy and practice of living an intuitive life and rewards are so magnificent.
In Intuitive Intelligence as the approach to your life you are living your unlimited self.

You are reunited with your universal consciousness and in this state,everything is yours.

The Intuitive Intelligence tour will be in Sydney April 29/30 and Denmark, WA May 21/22. Book now to become conversant in this two days of consciousness engineering. This is the last live tour for at least a year. Please don’t wait to change your life. This workshop causes miracles. Find out more here.


I love you like Christmas,

RJ xo

March 27, 2017

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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