The Intuitive Training Series: The Second Level

Q U A N T U M  P H Y S I C S + M E T A P H Y S I C S

Applied Intuition

At the second level, the intuitive training series is a step-by-step program of radical alignment with your cosmic consciousness, and will, if practiced and ultimately mastered, bring you all the earthly and spiritual success.


Success is your birthright.




What happens at the Second Level?

    We deepen our understanding of our part in the divine matrix, or universal consciousness, so that we are creating our lives in partnership with our true and eternal power.
    We apply our intuitive power to manifestation laws – especially the law of deservedness – so that we know how to be powerful manifestors in our own lives and to remove the ego mind blocks to our abundance.
    We explore coherence and how to create our reality from the meditative state so that we are no longer ricocheting from one drama (physical, emotional, spiritual) to another. In other words, we put the heart in charge of the whole system.


This workshop is for you if…

  • You are seeking a practical and systematic approach to consciousness engineering
  • You are ready to awaken to your reality as a master energy architect
  • You are on a path of service
  • You want to permanently clear the blocks to your own divine power and
  • You are done with being pin-balled through your own waking life.



Upcoming Dates


Perth, Australia

Saturday & Sunday, September 17-18, 2016

10am – 4pm

Melbourne, Australia

Saturday & Sunday, October 22-23, 2016 
10am – 4pm

Gold Coast, Australia

Saturday & Sunday, March 11-12 2017

10am – 4pm


  • On booking calendar, click ‘set time zone’. Please note, all trainings will begin at 10am local time.

  • Go to the date of the training in the location of your choice.

  • Select the date and click continue.

  • Enter your details and make payment.


Workshop Feedback

Screenshot 2016-03-02 09.17.26“A true powerhouse and priestess… Her intuitive expertise has helped me LEAP in my spiritual path. A weekend at her Intuitive training in Melbourne has provided me with mastery understanding of how I can truly begin to live a fearless life. Self doubt, unworthiness and a very fogged sense of identify were some of the blocks in my way that were stopping me from being the woman I knew I was”. Kowhai Dalton, Conscious Movement Specialist

“Thank you Ricci Jane for a magical workshop where I learnt valuable skills to help carry me with peace and lightness through my everyday. I sat engrossed in your every word whilst I soaked up your love and knowledge like a giant sponge. Bravo!” Kellie Greene, Soulpreneur10628626_383860951764334_7466612254241403754_n

“I totally loved it! It exceeded my expectations (wasn’t sure exactly what to expect)! It was a quality life changing experience, learning profoundly powerful doable tools. I left feeling equipped “to do life” unlike I ever have before”.

“This workshop was inspiring and has given me the tools to start clearing out the fear so that I can begin to embrace the love! I feel like I am just starting on my spiritual journey and this has given me an amazing foundation for an exciting future!”

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