Is God talking directly to you?

Quantum physics tells us that we are intimately connected to the matrix that is the Universe.

We know now, as science tells us, that we are part of this unlimited consciousness and yet we still live as though we are small finite creatures that are stuck or trapped in the lives that we live.

We have completely forgotten that we have become capacity to engineer consciousness.

What has intuition got to do with all this?

Watch to find out here (and it’s subtitled so you can watch without being spotted by children – is that only a problem for me?!):



Intuition is the symptom of remembering or knowing that we are one with the infinite and when we open to this that’s when our lives truly begin to hum.

That’s when we live in state of inevitable success, wild abundance, and absolute joy.

Intuition is the beginning of overcoming the belief in separation and the return to that state of oneness. And the way that we do this well that answer is completely simple, we need to increase our self-esteem. We need to increase our self-worth. Caroline Myss tells us that she disappoints people when they ask her, “How do i increase my intuition?”

It always comes back to this. You need to know that you are worthy of hearing the Universe speak directly to you.

Join me on tour in 2017 and together we will get free, fearless and freakishly intuitive.

RJ xo

February 14, 2017

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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