Love is the only drug…even Martika knows it.


 I know, just as you do, that love is the motivating energy of all life. It is the generator, the power source that supports all growth everywhere. It is life and it is also, for the most part, unknown.

It seems to me that unless you are one of those rare folks who have made it their life mission to become familiar with the many aspects and layers of love, we actually know very little about it.

We know what we were taught, observed and experienced throughout our lifetime, but what if that was just the tip of the iceberg? It is possible that there is just so very much more to learn. What if we were to experience love as the motivating force behind all of creation? And beyond that the glue that holds that creation together.

What if we began to experiment with how much we could change our lives by applying a large dose of unconditional love to the way we experience life. Beginning with ourselves – and no that is not at all selfish. That is just common sense. If we are incapable of loving ourselves deeply and with great respect, just how can we offer this gift to another, let alone 7+ billion others!

Let me tell you what will begin to happen as you learn to love and respect yourself. You will begin to attract into your life others who will also love and respect you – the law of attraction at work. You will only see others through your new perspective of love and respect and in so doing you will change lives.

You will begin to love the life you are living because you will change the things that don’t reflect love and respect back to you. You will move gently but certainly toward a life lived in joy and you will no longer need to be anything other than what you are.

And you will realise/remember that you really are amazing!

May 28, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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