Love is the only drug

Young Woman with Heart Shaped Hands on Brooklyn BridgeTo know yourself as love and to be clear enough and strong enough to live from this powerful place is perhaps the only true key to the ‘why’ of life. And although it may seem to be very simple, it is a complex and challenging quest.

Often considered to be weak and mushy, in reality love is the most powerful place to reach. And the most challenging. It is a very demanding and jealous taskmaster. Love, at its zenith, demands that all that is not based in love be sacrificed. Offered to the fires that burn away the dross. Nothing but the purest of intention will suffice when we are attempting to become anchored in unconditional love.

And the very things that keep us apart from our only real and true power are in themselves also very demanding, claiming our attention very easily and justifying their presence with every emotional hook we may have. Programmed as we are with many of the fear based energies that rule life on Planet Earth, moving into a state of unconditional love requires that we challenge these emotions. You know the ones – they question your worth, they challenge your ideas and they muddy your clarity. And for the most part this is accomplished by one powerful hook into your heart – the hook that is self-doubt.

Try this experiment in your own life. Next time an emotion threatens to overwhelm your peace of mind, stop. For just a moment take a long hard look at where this energy is coming from and then ask yourself why it has this power to knock you over energetically. What you find at the base of this questioning will most certainly be based in a fear of something that appears to be real. The only real energy, the one that is more powerful than anything else in life, is that of unconditional love. So, in this moment, try it on. It will fit you perfectly.

April 7, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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