Money, fear and how to get over fear to make money

Money. It’s a big deal one way or another for all of us.

But when we get clear on it we can change everything in our lives for good.

My personal money story wasn’t working for me. It had a lot to do with being able to have ‘just enough’ but not more. It was about being a woman in a society that literally pays me less because of my gender. It was about feeling easily confused and happy to give away my power to someone else. It was about believing I could have money but not keep it. I even realised I had a fear of earning because I was afraid of doing my taxes!

That’s where Sylvia comes in. Sylva Chierchia of Beautiful Money has been my finance mentor for the last few months and she has changed my life! This woman has so much wisdom that I just had to tap into her brilliance so you can all get some of it too.

Sylvia and I share a mission to empower women and in this video you are going to learn some incredible tools and techniques that are going to bring you into power with your money. Which is just another of way of you being in your power everywhere!

Watch the interview here.

Until next time light tribe,

RJ xo

February 24, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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