What is nonlocality and how is it going to make you an intuitive powerhouse?

Deepak Chopra states that we are nonlocal entities having a local experience. And what exactly does this mean? It is useful to explore this briefly so that we may better understand what is meant by nonlocal intuition. In quantum physics there is an evidence-based understanding that isolated particles are able to communicate nonlocally, or beyond space and time. Beyond the level of the sub-atomic particle this holds true. In other words, we can experience this in our inter-personal relationships. In a study conducted between Marilyn Schlitz and Deepak Chopra, it was evidenced under scientific experiment measures, that when trained healers directed energy towards people that the benefits to the receivers was measurable and more effective than medicinal intervention. Schlitz sites this in regards to the greater efficacy of healing provided at a distance, nonlocally, compared to taking aspirin to reduce the rate of second heart attacks in the subjects of the study.

Our perception leads us to believe in space and time, yet all is occurring in oneness, or as Deepak says, ‘one gigantic nonlocal activity’. Deepak goes on to state that, ‘Even though you think you see yourself in a mirror, you are actually seeing one state of your physical body. That one state, accessible through the five senses, isn’t the whole. The whole also includes the quantum state of the particles that make up your body. The same holds true for the entire cosmos and reality itself. Science has gotten to the point where both states are understood in detail, yet there is as yet an unbridged division between them. It would be a huge advance to unite the local and the nonlocal, the causal and the acausal’[1].

Do you geek out on the science of intuition like me? It is so powerful to know the mechanics of our intuition so that we can take it seriously and not assign it to the spiritual ghetto! Join me in diving deep into your intuition at the Intuitive Intelligence workshop May 20/21 in Denmark, WA.

[1] https://www.choprafoundation.org/science-consciousness/how-to-see-the-whole-universe-nonlocality-and-acausality/

May 8, 2017

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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