Pisces Super Moon totally amazing, life giving Ritual!

Why undertake a full moon ritual?
In clearing out your old emotions, clearing out your body, clearing out your addictions, you are imprinting the Universe with who you want to be and the Universe in turn will bring youe experiences that match that frequency.
Sometimes we do need retuning to the frequency we really want to be at. And in the hubub of daily life we don’t realise that we are playing more static than melody. The Pisces Moon Goddess energy can go a long way to helping you set the frequency of your soul music to the sound you want to be playing. Even in its wake you can still tap into this powerful force.
In recollecting my life over the past few years I realise that September has been a time of great change for me. Go see what you can do with it.
The Ritual
*This meditation can be done at any time. So even if the full moon has passed take this opportunity to surrender and release.

To prepare, write a list of ALL the limiting beliefs, thoughts, ideas and emotional wounds that you are ready to release. You can add to this peoples, places and things that no longer serve you and give the intention to lovingly release them. To begin the meditation, wait until you know you will not be disturbed.

Ideally you will be able to see the moon. But if that is not possible, use memory recall to capture an image in your mind. Sit, with your spine straight (phones off and door locked) in a space in which you feel peaceful. Light a candle if you cannot see the moon. Otherwise let the moonlight illuminate you. You may feel like burning incense. Incense cleanses space. Make sure to dispose of the ash after you finish meditating.

Begin by placing the list by the moon/candlelight. Breath in and out, slowly and easily, for at least three breaths and then allow your breathing to return to normal. Focus on the light, or close your eyes, and with each out breath give your heaviness to the light. Feel yourself breathing it out. With each in breath feel the energy of the moon entering your body and filling every cell with light. Do this for as long as you feel guided to, but for at least 10 minutes. Know that everything you have written on your list has been heard and is being drawn out by the light of the transforming moon energy. She is cleansing, nurturing and renewing you. All that you are releasing is being replaced with vitality and new life.

At this point you may choose to ceremonially burn the list or hold onto it to remember what you have let go. Thank the moon for her magnificent transformative power. Be full of gratitude for all that you are and all that you have. 

How to take the Cleanse further
You can carry the energy of this cleansing ritual into your life through conscious commitment to undertake the practice described above daily. If you want to go even further we recommend the 30 Day Spiritual Cleanse offered by Lightworker Institute
September 9, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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