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angel heavenAll of life is energy, and we are the directors of our own energy – right? What does that even mean? Just how do we direct our own part of this energy, the part that is uniquely me?

And why even bother going to all that trouble anyway? There are more than 7 billion other life forms all trying to do their bit to direct their lives, their energy, and it seems all that is happening is confusion, doubt, fear and pain. Well, for the most part. Even those in the well-off parts of the planet can be demoralized, anxious and often medicated for mental illness.

So, if that is the case, it seems it is not about how much money you earn, how well educated you are, how big your house is or how stylish you are. None of this protects you, insulates you from loneliness, the struggle with self-acceptance or fulfills your deepest dreams.

So, just how do we become directors of our own flow of energy?

I am sure there are many ways to do this. For me it comes down to learning about how we are made, energetically. If you want to maximize the potential of anything you have to learn how it is put together, what it needs to work perfectly and nurture it accordingly.

We are no different. In order to maximize our own potential we must learn about the incredible energetic anatomy that guides our life, that is, in essence, our life. We can learn about our energy centres or chakras and how they connect with our amazing many layered energy field, or aura. We can study the power of colour as healer and harmonizer and we can learn how to use our own powerful imagination to create a healthy, balanced and beautiful person.

Using our mind to access our imagination is perhaps the most incredible method available to us to direct our own energy flow. Meditation can help us to access the wisdom of our own great soul energy as it is invited into our everyday life through taking the time to be still and listen.

There is just so very much to be gained by learning about yourself as an energetic being. At Lightworker Institute we bring our love and light and shine it on your love and light so that you can learn about the incredible beauty, peace and depth of power that you are. Not what you might become one day if you work hard enough, but right here, right now. This is what you are, sometimes hidden by the mists of time, but always there, just waiting for you to remember.

May 18, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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