Radical Gratitude (and did I make it to the end of my run?!)

The Dune Eco Village near Pondicherry, India, where I will be experiencing some radical self care in the last days of 2015 thanks to practicing some radical gratitude!

Hello dear one,

As I write to you today, I am sitting in my bed (my favourite place to work!) but in my mind I am far, far away. The rest of 2015 is all about travel to beautiful places and immersive, profound time with incredible intuition students. It really is an incredible few months coming up for me to end 2015, and in the mad rush of life I am taking a moment to be intensely grateful for it all. How did I get so blessed to be living the life of my dreams? Well, I have a little insight into that, and it’s available to you right here, right now too.

The intensity I speak of is what I call Radical Gratitude, and it is a technique that you can practice too to bring your life in alignment with your highest dreams. Radical gratitude is going beyond making mental lists of what you know you are grateful for (even if some days it is harder to make that list than others). We all know by now that gratitude is where it is at for brining your life into full health, wealth and happiness. There is so much amazing research to back this up. What’s the difference though between the people who live with an attitude of gratitude ALL THE TIME and the ones who are just painfully going through the motions of gratitude list making because it seems like a good thing to do?

The difference is simple. It is this. Living in a state of gratitude is about the FEELINGS that are generated in your heart when you feel grateful for your life, your cup of coffee, the sunshine, the client who cancelled at the last minute, the heavy traffic, the smile on your baby’s face. Lots of contradictions in there right? And here’s why…

Gratitude isn’t actually an external thing at all. To feel gratitude, really feel it, you don’t need anything outside of you to change. It’s ok to begin to live gratitude in the perfunctory, list making way especially when life is hard and challenging. Eventually, if you are focussed on this practice, something miraculous will happen. You will internally generate the feeling of gratitude without any external stimulus at all. You will be feeling the grace of gratitude move through you with every breath. This is radical gratitude.

I am in profound, radical gratitude for every bit of my life. And in that state, my life has moved gracefully even more in alignment with the life of my dreams. It’s kind of backwards to how we think it should be.

This is the answer to your dreams though. Feel the gratitude, and watch the life of your dreams appear before you.


  1. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes
  2. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, releasing with a sigh 3 times
  3. Take your attention to the centre of your chest and imagine your breath moving in and out from here
  4. Bring to mind something you are readily grateful for. Pick something easy and positive
  5. Focus on this thing/person/place for 2 whole minutes really connecting to the gratitude you feel for it/him/her. Don’t stop until you can feel the gratitude throughout your entire chest
  6. Now let go of the subject of your gratitude and let the feeling in your chest spread out across your body. Do this by imagining the feeling as light or mist that floats into every cell of your being
  7. See yourself in your minds eye radiating with a gold light from within that extends outwards from your heart and outside of your physical body to your energy body
  8. Take a deep breath and open your eyes
  9. Revisit this mental image of radiating golden light during your day especially if things get tough. By doing this you are aligning back with the energy of gratitude, which is a powerful force for change. Reconnecting to this energy will help shift whatever the current obstacle or negative emotion you are experiencing in the present
  10. Do this everyday, every hour. You’ll get so good at it that you will be able to wash gratitude over your body in a heartbeat.

Great! Life changed! Well done. You are awesome.

I love you. Seriously.

RJ xo

P.S Only a handful of one on one sessions remain with me for 2015. Get ready for your most magnificent 2016 by spending time with me as we prepare your Soul to open to your BEST life http://www.lightworkerinstitute.com.au/session-ricci/

P.P.S Yes, for those of you following the story, I totally finished my first ever 10k run in a time of 63 minutes (a massive PB). It was so much fun and running through the streets of Melbourne with THOUSANDS of other people was so life affirming. Thank you for all the love and support. I blew the lid off that fear!


October 26, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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