Ricci-Jane is coming home!


Me in Sienna just after leaving Perth in 2001

When I was 24 I left home. Not my family home, but the city that raised me. I left Perth knowing there was something great I wanted to do with my life but I had no idea what it was or how I would find it. I left on a plane to London and I expected that I would never come back to Australia. Whatever my great big purpose was I was going to find it in Europe.


Within 4 weeks I was back on Australian soil. You see, just hours before, sitting in an internet cafe in Rome, I got the call I never wanted to get. Come home, your sister has 48 hours to live. My little sister was fighting for her life in a country hospital in Queensland after a head on collision at 100 kilometres per hour. On that long haul flight home I sobbed in despair. That was, until about half way through the flight when an incredible wave of peace rolled over me and I knew my sister was going to make it. By the time I was on home soil, my sister had stabilised and though she had broken nearly every bone in her body she was going to live.


Suddenly, home was the Sunshine Coast, the place to which my family had recently moved. Home was a hospital room for 12 hours a day for 6 weeks until we could bring my sister home to my parent’s place. 4 months later she was still mending but doing great and I looked around and realised that I was the one that was homeless.


In the intervening years since leaving the safety of home behind and venturing out into the world I have found my geographical place and I still walk around it’s leafy streets like a wide-eyed tourist. And I have also found my great big purpose and I am living it with gusto.


Perhaps that is why as 2016 dawned I awoke one morning with a clear knowing, a tap on the shoulder from the Universe, that it was time to go home. I was finally ready in myself to head back to the place that I came from. With certainty and all the wonderful coincidences that line up to show us we are on track, I determined that it was time to take my business on tour. And of course, the first stop has to be Perth. Whatever that sent me forth from that place searching and wondering about my life’s meaning has now been answered. And I want to share it with you!


The Perth tour of Lightworker Institute (May 11-18 2016) is the beginning of my next, big, scary, wonderful adventure for me, and I am so excited to be sharing it with you. This is such a big part of the vision for Lightworker Institute and there is so much more to come (international tour anyone?!).


You can find out how we can spend time together on the Tour page (Woohoo! I’m going on tour!). Let’s do everything together!
March 23, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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