Here is a sneak preview of the Intuitive Intelligence book

Here is a sneak preview of the Intuitive Intelligence book. I would love your thoughts, ideas, feedback in any form. And happy reading…

The purpose of this book is to demystify intuition, to make it real again, as it was to the ancients, as a way in which to live our lives, a compass to navigate the extraordinary, blessed age of our times. It is a philosophy and a practice. I call it Intuitive Intelligence, and it is a path for you to walk to return to your true state of oneness if you choose it. It is an approach to living that is available to everyone. This is the path of the warriors of light, the soul seekers, the spiritual change agents, the contemporary mystics, and the modern day priestesses.

The practices of Intuitive Intelligence are assembled around the three immutable hermetic laws. Just as the number three has sacred resonance for many spiritual seekers, the three immutable hermetic laws are held in deep reverence by many of those on the path of awakening consciousness.

This governing system of mystical laws manages the cosmos and holds all things together. All things are ordered to the second.

The Universe is impartial. If our lives are not in accordance with how we would want them to be we simply need to ask, how have I broken the law? Intuition is partnering with the Universe, so we must know how the Universe operates in order to activate our intuitive intelligence. The laws are drawn from The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy, originally published in 1908 under the pseudonym of the Three Initiates, a book claiming to be the essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.

The three sections of this book contain one immutable law each, and map my awakening to the intuitive intelligence within me marked by three turning points in my life. As I reviewed these turning points it did not surprise me that they also correlated with the major archetypes of the feminine, maiden, mother and crone. Archetypal patterns align with intuitive intelligence powerfully, as intuition is symbolic. The patterns of meaning making offered by understanding archetype opens us further to the sense of union between all. It takes us out of the personal and into a sense of shared experience that allows us compassionate resonance with the experience of others without having to have lived heir exact experience.

It is no surprise that this sacred number three keeps appearing. As we go on, we will also discover that there are three kinds of intuition as defined by HeartMath Institute and Caroline Myss. Each describe intuition as a multi-layered, dynamic experience that must be lived to be understood. It is the practices of living intuition that turned the hermetic laws from knowledge to wisdom for me, and in so doing brought the occult wisdom into the full light of day so that I could indeed be the mystic without walls. In other words, made my spiritual practices real and applied. The question I asked of each was the same – if this is the law by which the Universe abides, how may I make it work in my own life?

A faith that cannot bring my life into a continual state of grace is not a faith I want.

And yet for some time this was the faith that I had. I used my spiritual seeking as a weapon against myself, until I came to recognize that self-awareness is not the same as divine union. I wanted a practical and robust faith that could not just withstand the reality of well, reality, but fill it with grace. I sort to make the laws as real as they could be for me by embodying them, not just conceptually engaging with them. Beyond the mind was where I sought to go, the mind that had held me a prisoner on my path of spiritual seeking, using my ever growing knowledge to show me how I was getting it wrong. The Laws unleashed me from that prison of my own making, and set me back on my path of devotion with a pile of magnificent evidence that declared their truth. It was spirit meeting flesh and all my previous spiritual darkness began to make sense.

Intuitive Intelligence is a metaphysical approach and a livable practice. It is spirituality in the world. The central tenet of this book is simple and powerful. We are all intuitive and we all have blocks to our intuition that need to be cleared out so that we can have what we were born to have – a deep and intimate relationship to the divine. Within these pages is an account, my personal path to living in that state of grace that typifies an awakened intuitive intelligence. The tools come from many ancient tradition, philosophies and great contemporary teachers. The practices may not be new to you. They are offered in a system, a method that has been born of my path and combined in ways that are designed specifically to activate intuitive intelligence. It has been created because of the recognition that whilst most of us will agree that we are intuitive, that does not mean we live from our intuition. We drop in and out of it. We require a system to lean into until it becomes habit. We are going against thousands of years of cultural and religious indoctrination that is within our cellular and collective consciousness. We are breaking habits of life times to reclaim our personal power, and direct, unmediated relationship with God.

Intuitive Intelligence It is the practice of living our intuition. It has scientific evidence at its core. It is a heart-centered relationship with the world, and it takes as a given the quantum nature of reality. Gregg Braden tells us that we are in the century of the heart. The science of the heart’s intuitive intelligence is evidence based and peer reviewed. We will learn in this extraordinary time to live from the heart’s intelligence as a necessity for our collective survival, and shared evolution.

Intuitive Intelligence is light years beyond the question of, am I intuitive?  Intuitive Intelligence is the answer to these questions: How do I live my infinite nature? How do I breakthrough the limitations of the inherited beliefs and stultifying assumptions of this age? What is required to live in partnership with the divine?

This book answers these questions, and gives you real steps on the path to meeting the pure unlimited consciousness within you.

Let’s begin.


May 2, 2017

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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