Sweet revelation face down on a yoga mat

jessePut me in the same location as Jesse Neave and I start having all sorts of crazy, wonderful experiences mostly on a yoga mat and always to do with love.

Like today for example. I happily went along to Jesse’s Yoga for Deep healing workshop (my second time. It’s truly unmissable for anyone who can get to Gertrude Street in Melbourne) thinking, ‘well, I’ve been under the weather and a bit tired and stressed so this is going to be awesome for me!’. And yes, for all those reasons it really, really was.

But I was totally underestimating the power of Jesse combined with some hardcore deep stillness. What I discovered, or was revealed to me, is so much more than can be quantified in human terms.

I’ve been practicing yoga with Jesse for years now and I am more than a wee bit in love with this full yoga goddess. She describes herself as a holder of space, and in that space great and beautiful things are made possible that in other times and places would seem damn near unthinkable. Perhaps this is the mark of any great teacher – the provision of the right conditions for self-realisation.

And what I realised today as waves of love rolled over me may have just changed my life.

So let’s get right down to it. I have recently reaffirmed my commitment to a life of service to humanity. And I have done this for the very selfish reason that nothing else feels more wonderful than when I do so. Nothing comes close to the intense love when I place my hands on another for healing or balancing. Nothing is more moving than reading for a person who sits, heart wide open, in front of me. I just love it.

Part of me, though, has always imagined that this work would, if I was lucky, be how I made my living so I could get on with my life. You know, like any job. If I was really lucky it might even afford me some luxury, travel, a new car, that sort of thing.

What I recognised today for the first time (in this lifetime at least) is that all of that is nonsense. Even the idea of serving another is nonsense. What do I mean? What I truly felt today on the mat and what I hope to carry forth from this day on is that…

…when you are in the flow of LOVE, when it is moving through you and out into the world, there is no need for anything else. You don’t do the things you’re doing for gain. You don’t even do the ‘things’. The energy of love simply flows and all else falls away. I could be in first class on a plane, or in the back carriage of a packed train travelling from Mumbai to Agra. It doesn’t matter when I am in that Love flow because the good, luxurious, delicious, indulgent, joyful feelings are being emitted through me into the world, turning every single thing around me into a palace of the rarest beauty. We seek the beautiful things because we haven’t yet connected to the love inside of us, inside the whole Universe.

Jesse said it today and I now understand it in my bones. Love is all there is.

November 30, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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