Talking to Wayne Dyer

As you know I am in Perth right now. It has been my absolute bliss to be offering private readings and the Intuition Training Series here in my hometown. It has been a dream trip and I am delighted to say that my next journey back to Perth to teach Level 1 AND 2 is happening September 17/18. It has been everything I hoped for and more, exceeding all my expectations.
What I didn’t expect was to be connecting to Wayne Dyer!
Just before falling asleep the night after the amazing, high-vibing Intuition workshop, I listened to a tribute by Caroline Myss to the great Wayne Dyer, given after his passing from human form.
She talked about the experience of the mystic and how Wayne lived the last years of his life as if in a monastery with no walls.
She explained that the mystic’s path begins when God calls your name personally. All ‘knowing’ melts into insignificance as you experience the state of grace that is God (or Universal Consciousness or whatever term you use) calling to you personally. My call came in 2014 when I began Lightworker Institute and I have been on fire with it ever since.
As I lay down to sleep last night I was called into meditation and instantly I was in a state of grace. And suddenly I knew Wayne was there.
Last night in my meditation he was there, and I asked him to clear my path to God. In that instant I felt my Angel of Fearlessness at my back and then a hundred more angels surrounding me. I could feel their touch, especially on my right cheek like gentle kisses. I finally surrendered to this last night, to the ecstatic touch of the angelic realm. My very clever, very important self has often struggled to allow the angels to work through me. Perhaps I thought it was a step too far into the woo woo. I give away that fear now.
How could I hold on to fear. Last night was utter bliss. Total peace. Joy flowing like honey.
This experience reminded me of mystic soul. The world of form will not cut it if my inner life is abandoned. The inner life is all there is.
And I realised last night that I want one thing only. An unending, uninterrupted connection to this state of grace that is conscious union with the divine. And I want it to run through me so that every person I meet meets that part of themselves. This is my why. This is everything.
When I planned this tour to Perth I knew I needed at least a day or two of solitude after the Intuition Workshop to integrate the experience. It is so powerful in ways that none of us in that room can properly comprehend. Last time I taught the workshop I did not give myself this time and I was sickfor 6 weeks. This time, even though it was hard to schedule more time away from my family, the mystic in me knew better and I have had this time.Last night’s experience has shown me why I needed it. There is so much that was knowledge that has now become experience. The mystic has been permitted to come to light in my life even more. I am aligned to my soul even more deeply.

Caroline Myss finished her tribute last night saying that people often accuse the mystic of being mad because they cannot properly explain the ecstasy of union with the divine that they are experiencing. I am happy to be accused of being bonkers. In fact someone called me kooky just the other day and it made me smile with joy.

We are not all called to walk the path of the mystic but your Angel of Fearlessness will align you to your path. Without fear, you see, we know ourselves.

I would love love love to know your experiences with your Angel of Fearlessness. I did not know, when the angels made themselves known to me last Wednesday, how magnificently they would guide my life this week (and forever more). I am so grateful.

RJ xoxo
May 18, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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