The 3 levels of intuition


Hello dear Friend,

I have a very clear purpose for Lightworker Institute. I want to mainstream the intuitive sciences. No more new age ghetto.


I am also very clear on how to do this.


Excellence. Starting a revolution in thinking requires being a leader in the field. And that is what Lightworker Institute and I are committed to. And I am not intending on doing it alone.
Today, another step in that vision took flight with the commencement of the Third Level, which is training to do what I do as an intuitive guide. The Third Level is mastermind training in the intuitive sciences, and this very day 14 incredible people started down that 12-month-long path with me. I am still shaking a little with the awesomeness of it all.


One of the most exciting aspects of this new program is deepening in to the science of intuition.


Did you know that there are 3 levels of intuition? Implicit knowledge, energetic sensitivity and nonlocal intuition. It is Nonlocal Intuition that is the basis of the Lightworker Institute Method that I teach.
These three categories are defined by the cutting edge research institute, HeartMath and explain the difference between the levels of intuition that we operate from in our daily lives.
All of us draw on these as we go about the world, but when you work with a truly great intuitive reader of healer it is nonlocal intuition that they are accessing, and you can feel the difference. It is the space of the sixth sense.
Let me break this down.


Implicit knowledge is easy to understand. It is knowledge that has become second nature to us over years of experience or training. An example of this might be a car mechanic who ‘intuitively’ knows what is wrong with a car just by listening to it. The mechanic isn’t really using a sixth sense here. But she is powerfully drawing on her accumulated experience that has become second nature.


Energetic sensitivity ‘refers to the ability of our body and our nervous system to detect electromagnetic and other types of energetic signals in the environment’. This includes being sensitive to other people’s moods and emotional states. People who possess this kind of intuition are often described as highly sensitive people or empaths. But in truth, we are ALL living in this way all the time. For some people it is not pronounced and in other’s it is debilitating. We are electromagnetic beings interacting with energetic signals that are always being pumped out by the world.


Nonlocal intuition is different to the two previous categories. Nonlocal intuition is accessing information that has not been gathered through the 5 dominant senses. It is operating from the sixth sense. Your sixth sense is the gateway or portal to unlimited infinite consciousness.
Nonlocal intuition can be thought of as revealed knowledge. It is not accessed through the cranial brain, as yoga teacher Jessie Neave, calls it.


Nonlocal intuition is accessed through practice and commitment. It is the language of the Universe and we must learn how to deepen into that communication. We are all hardwired to do so but we all have impediments to this, the highest order of intuitive knowing.


That impediment is fear. Fear in all it’s forms. Nonlocal intuition can only exist where there is love for love, and more specifically the heart centre, are the gateways to access this Universal language.


Are you ready to learn to work from the highest order of  your intuition?

Then this is your invitation to my one day training to learn to operate from nonlocal intuition.

ADVANCED ENERGY MEDICINE : Read and decode the human energy field

This workshop is an intimate, experiential workshop in practicing and mastering the chakra reading technique I use in my private sessions. I guide students through the most profound energetic healing technique available, actualising the immutable hermetic laws into a experiential method of healing. This is the cutting edge of the intuitive sciences, combining quantum physics with metaphysics.

Upcoming dates in Perth  (19.09.16) and the Gold Coast (12.11.16).

//B O N U S {time sensitive}

As a bonus when you book today, I am offering 2 x 30 minute private mentoring sessions with me to further profoundly support you valued at $220 + free access to the 30 Day Spiritual Cleanse program valued at $69.
This is your last chance to secure this incredible bonus when you book into this cutting edge professional development workshop. Do not wait to take your skills to the next level.



August 24, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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