The burden of being a Lightworker

Yoga pose, watercolor bright floral illustrationIt can feel overwhelming to think of the huge task of bringing change in the world. It can  seem overwhelming because you can’t see how you can personally  affect change in the world.   Let’s face it – the problems are so big that one person seems to be powerless, that you are powerless in a power hungry world. In truth there are ways that you can access  personal power – your personal power. The full power of change lies in this very moment.

 You always have the power of clear intent – you have the power to change your own mind.  You may choose to despair at the hopelessness of so many on Planet Earth or you may choose to reclaim your personal power in this very moment, in this instant. (Just imagine for a moment the impact of these different intents/energies going out into the world.)

What power, you may ask, do I have to claim?  Let’s begin at the beginning.  Look at your posture.  Is it declaring “I am here and I take my rightful place in the world?”

Correct posture in turn allows for effective breathing.  Breathing is your intentional connection to the energy of creation.  Breathe with the intention of drawing the power of Creation into your being. This is a conscious act of re-uniting self with all that is, of remembering that you are not alone or isolated. Feel your personal power flooding through you and breathe with the intention of remembering yourself as an inseparable part of all that is. Conscious breathing attracts your attention to this very moment, the point of power.

Here you begin to see how moving into your personal power can make a powerful difference to all of creation. Moving from overwhelm at the state of life on earth and into a powerful personal energy pattern sends out a very different signal. You are no longer defeatist but gifting the planet with a clear energy, a powerful statement that you are gifting an energy of clarity, of the power of connection to the Source of all Light and Love. This will always be your personal power and it will impact every aspect of your own precious life.

March 25, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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