The call of the tribe


Spiritual seeking is a solitary road. You cannot take anyone with you as you seek out the deepest parts of yourself. This shouldn’t scare you. It is simply the nature of it. If you try to co-opt others into your own personal soul journey you’ll ultimately be disappointed. They cannot be where you are and nor should they be. Think about it this way. Even when you sit to meditate in a group, you journey through your consciousness alone. Your light body may merge with light body of another or many or the whole Universe, but the human body sits still and alone.

When you come out of meditation, however, it can be truly joyful to share the experiences you had with others, to consult, ask questions, compare and investigate with one another. This is the human/soul dichotomy exactly. We journey alone with our soul, but we return to human consciousness to share our experience. Whether you are sharing with a virtual, online community or sitting in a circle with a group your practice of soul exploration will be deepened by opening to others. They can’t come with you but your tribe can open you to even more profound spiritual life.

You may have one tribe or many. You might meet in person or comment on blogs. We invite you now to connect even more fully to our tribe and to Lightworkers everywhere. I personally subscribe to every blog and website and community I can. I love the energy and beauty of this connection.

Come join our tribe¬†and let us hold your hand, energetically or in person, as you share with us the most important aspect of your life – your Soul’s journey.

Namaskar dear ones. We love you like Christmas.


February 5, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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