The Magical, Mystical You


Whenever I hear or read words like ‘magical’ or ‘mystical’ my mind immediately goes to a place that is outside of my everyday experience and I begin to seek for that secret place that might resonate with these wonderful words. They are a trigger for me to remember……

I have always known, even as a small child, that there must be a place that I could go that allowed me to escape from my so called reality. I have resisted the ‘mundane’ with all my might and have had many adventures as a result.

Now I realise that what I have been trying to remember by travelling the world, studying many ideas and ideologies, meeting many people in many cultures, has been deep within my heart all along. I believe this to be the same for every awakening person on this planet.

Now I can be still and quiet and discover the mystical and magical essence of myself. And it takes me travelling to mystical, magical places even while seated in my beautiful little home on my beautiful little island. The travelling is certainly a lot cheaper!

I have discovered, as an adventurer in other realms of consciousness, that I don’t need to move, move, move in order to find bigger, brighter, better aspects of life, I just need to go within and begin connecting with all of the amazing aspects of me.

We are truly so fascinating, full of so much wonderful intuitive knowledge just waiting to inform our earth bound choices. We are so filled with unconditional love that is just waiting to have the light of compassion shone upon it to release it’s amazing potential in our lives.

We can do this by practising compassion for ourselves…..interesting thought. It is the practice of loving, respecting and honouring the self that is the only key to the power that sits inside the mystical, magical heart, that sits inside of you.

You really are amazing!

November 3, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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