The one and only thing you need to know to succeed

1386883180Opportunities to begin the life you were meant to be living are around every corner. You have so much talent within you, just waiting to be offered an opportunity to present itself and in so doing, to empower your life. Take your inspiration from those whom you admire for their resourcefulness, their effort and their sheer determination to succeed.

Now is the time, the talents and skills you need are deep within you – watch as the opportunities present themselves and then observe yourself. Are you grabbing them with both hands and a heart full of excitement? Are you hiding away in fear of failure? Are you just not recognising your own potential? Are you observing from a safe distance, not committing yourself to change? Or perhaps you don’t acknowledge that you are worthy.

We can let so many reasons hold us in the pattern of our life but there is just one reason to move from where we are to a life full of opportunity – an expanded, powerful and successful life. That reason is a simple one and yet it contains within it a remarkable truth:

You are capable of creating universes, you are a creator god. You are more than capable of designing and living a life of deliberate intention.

Look into your heart and identify just what you would create if you believed it possible. Write it down some place you can see it everyday. Pour your love into it and watch as you arre supported and empowered to bring your vision into creation. You can do it!

January 6, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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