The work has begun…are you part of the change?

IMG_4716 copyThe work has begun in earnest all around the world now. Such joy and excitement as we watch the ever evolving number of light workers emerging.

It will seem to be challenging to bring your light out into full view but you also know at a deep level of heart wisdom that it will be far more difficult to continue to hide it.

As you begin your own unique process of awakening in full to your own unique beauty, skills and talents, you realise that this is just a process of remembering what you already know.

The awakening of a light worker is a process of remembering.

You have already done the hard yards of the learning process. As a light worker on the planet at this time in Earth’s history you have brought your knowledge in order to assist the birthing of all energy here into a higher dimensional frequency.

At Lightworker Institute we see our role as helping you to remember the amazing you, to help you to hone your skills and to move out into the world to help the changes that are so powerful right now.

And because each person is so wonderfully unique, we offer you a choice of beautiful and profound energy treatments, insightful readings, life changing retreats and empowering Lightwork Training programs.

Have a look to see what attracts you the most.

You are amazing!

April 19, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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