The thing about yesterday

Angel and I finished a long day of filming for Lightworker Institute‚Äč yesterday. The last take was the best. It also happened to be the one where we forgot to plug the mic in. You can see the results below. We’d been filming for about 8 hours by then so we were a bit mad.

It was an amazing day and we achieved so much for our blossoming new enterprise. Around the world it was a day that good people lost their lives unnecessarily, probably many thousands all around the globe; a tiny baby was pulled unharmed from the rubble of a devastating earthquake; and nearly 300 kidnapped women were rescued. The world is beautiful and horrible and strange. The pain comes when you judge it. Don’t judge the world. Just love it.

We began our day of filming by meditating together and dedicating our work to all those beautiful souls and more. It’s one the remarkable things about running a ‘spiritual’ business – we actively engage the sacred in everything we do. But we also know that everything in this world is spiritual and sacred, and so you don’t have to be in ‘spiritual business’ to infuse your business with spirituality. The difference is simply the time and space that is sanctioned for your connection to the sacred. And it is possible no matter where you work. For example, you could set a reminder in your calendar everyday to infuse your office space with LIGHT. Just close your eyes and imagine the space and everyone in it wrapped in light.

The other thing about yesterday was that I loved everything. I loved getting up at 5.40am to exercise in the dark. I LOVED my first cup of coffee for the day. I loved having my baby sister by my side. I loved the air and the clouds and the trees. That’s the thing about life. When a bright revealing light is shone on the fact that life is brief and ended so easily you suddenly want to grab it with both hands, and feet, and thighs and everything. At least I do.

bloopers from Lightworker Institute on Vimeo.



April 29, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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