This is a powerful path to the ultimate goal of life on Earth

Look at your aura – by this we mean feel, see, intuit or sense the beauty of the colours in your energy field. While you are focusing, breathe in a feeling of being loved, of loving yourself, of giving love. Watch now, sense or feel your aura expanding and the colours becoming more ethereal, delicate and beautiful.

And even as you sense this, feel your aura, your energy field expanding exponentially until all that is is embraced by the beauty of you. Now, by focusing on your all powerful heart centre, send out unconditional love for all that is. Feel the amazing power flow from you and know that you are gifting this love freely and deliberately, know that you are changing the world.

You are healing yourself in this oh so simple and oh so powerful process. Using colour, intention, visualization and the intense power that is unconditional love, you are moving into mastery. Mastery of self through the power of unconditional love, for yourself and all else.

What will this mean in your everyday life? Well, to discover this, just do it. Just practice this everyday of your life and watch your life become more beautiful, loving and joyous. This is a powerful path to the ultimate goal of life on Earth – to live in a state of happiness.

May 18, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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