To meditate or not to meditate…3 reasons for and against.



The idea of meditation is a consternation to some and sweet relief to others. Contrary to much popular thought, meditation is not something that comes naturally. That’s like saying you can’t speak French after only one lesson. You must give yourself to the practice of meditation with discipline and commitment.

But why would you do this? Why would you cram anything else into your already overstuffed life? Why? Let me tell you why! And while I’m at it, just to be fair, I’m going to tell you why you wouldn’t want to meditate. I’ve broken it down into an easy list of 3 pros and 3 cons so you can make your own mind up. Here we go!

3 Reasons FOR meditation

#1 РINCREASED CREATIVITY. It has been scientifically proven that meditation develops CREATIVITY through promoting divergent thinking.

#2 – MORE STAYING POWER. Even after 11 hours of meditation (in total, not all at once) the brain structure changes to become more capable of being more focussed on specific tasks for a longer period of time. Science has measure this! Good old science.

#3 – STRONGER IMMUNITY. You’ll reduce your chances of getting sick through a dedicated practice of meditation. This is a scientifically-proven ¬†increase than is greater than the benefits gained through being physically active through sport.

3 Reasons AGAINST meditation

#1 – LOSE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. You’ll have heaps more ideas and inspiration, and may find you become bored with your old life and want to change things and make your life more authentic and joyful. Your partner may dump you.

#2 – LOSE FRIENDS. At the same time you’ll be more emotionally consistent and peaceful and like your own company and not be so tolerant of people who don’t treat you very well. Your friends may stop hanging around your sunshiney self.

#3 – MORE TIME AT WORK. With your strengthened immunity you’ll need less sick days and will have to go to work more. (Secretly that’s ok because after changing your life you have the job of your dreams and want to be there all the time!)


So there you have it. An evidence-based, empirical, logical and awesomely balanced account of the pros and cons of meditation.

Of course, I don’t personally meditate for any those reasons. I meditate because it gives me magical powers to bend time, astral travel and reprogram for good the world with my vibration. But science hasn’t figured out how to measure that yet so I’ll save it for another post.

Hey, come explore meditation with me this June in Melbourne. Science says you should.

April 23, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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