Today is LAUNCH day of the Professional Development Series


Today I am launching the next chapter in Lightworker Institute but before I tell you about it I want to ask you some questions…

Do you identify as a soulpreneur or a heart centred business person?

Do you support your clients to be more of who they are through your business?

Are you a coach, mentor or complimentary therapist who is becoming more and more aware that you ‘know’ things about your clients without knowing how?

Are you an intuitive or energy healer who craves deepening into your already awakening skills?

Then what I have to say is for you…

It has long been my mission to awaken as many people as possible to their innate intuition. My Intuitive Training Series is run 5 times a year in two states and is often sold out. It is absolutely the work of my soul and I am so blessed to able support people to know what they already are so that their lives are vastly improved.

Today, I launch the next step in my vision. 

The Professional Development Series launches with the first offering Advanced Energy Medicine: Learning to Read and Decode the Chakras. 

Who is the Professional Development Series for?

This is mastermind training designed for people with a working knowledge of the chakras and would now desire to dive deep into understanding the relationship between the energy field and the Cosmic laws of the Universe. This is not simply more information about the human energy field.

This is training in HOW to read, communicate with and program the human energy field.

If you are a life coach, complimentary therapist, intuitive, massage therapist or anyone is becoming more and more aware of the energy of themselves and their clients then this training will powerfully support you.

The Pursuit of Excellence in a often shonky industry

Lightworker Institute is committed to contributing to excellence in the field of the intuitive sciences. In an unregulated industry, the standards we set are our own. Professional development ensures the maintenance of and contribution to skills development for all those working with clients in complimentary therapies, energy medicine and life coaching.

No matter where you are in relation to your understanding of energy and intuition you can go deeper. Committing to your own professional development is key to an evolving intuitive practice.

Today, Lightworker Institute takes a step towards becoming a leading organisation in the training of high quality intuitive across a range of industries, setting the standard for excellence in the field. I am beyond delighted.

The Intuitive Sciences deserve to be taken seriously, and our clients deserve to connect with highly qualified and excellently trained readers. I want to start a revolution and education is the key.

Advanced Energy Medicine is the the first in the brand new Professional Development Series and for a limited time you can access this training at the early bird rate, a saving of 40% on the full price. Simply click on this link to learn more and book. Use the code: ENERGISE to apply the discount. This offer ends on July 7 2016.


This is essential training. If you would like to know more about this training please email me We can schedule a discovery call to work out if this path is the right one for you.

I love you like Christmas,

Ricci-Jane xoxo

June 30, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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