Warning: Super-personal over-sharing ahead! Why my son's birthday got me down.

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I found myself in a total emotional mess on my son’s birthday last Friday. My gorgeous boy is one of greatest teachers on my spiritual path and yet again he has inspired me to take action to better support myself.┬áSo I made a little video of what I did to help me with some big emotions that came up for me. You can watch it by clicking the link below…


This is very personal stuff and I have spent a number of days wondering it is right to share. And then I thought, hell yes! I really want to share this with you for one big reason. Everywhere I look there are amazing spiritual leaders doing amazing spiritual things and calling us to take amazing spiritual action. I love them all. But I also realise this…almost none of them have children!


Look, if I didn’t have children I would be unstoppable too! I would have so much time to change the world I would probably be the president of everything by now (is there one of those? I want to be it!). But here’s the thing.


Those amazing spiritual, child-free, change agents actually blow my mind. Without my children I would actually probably still be squandering my time without a freaking clue about how precious it is. My children have taught me almost 90% of what I know about how to be a good person. They have schooled me in patience, compassion, kindness, perseverance, perspective, self-sacrifice, boundaries, resilience, strength, power and grace a hundred times over.


I am on my path because of those little monsters and I am eternally grateful. I don’t see a lot of people talking about how to balance it all, and so even though this video is profoundly personal it feels like it’s important to share. You can be a parent and pursue the life of the Soul. My goodness, you can even be a Soul and pursue the life of a parent!


December 1, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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