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Nearly 2 years ago my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It turned out to be a misdiagnosis but it spurred me to take action on my mother’s behalf. A gifted channel and teacher, she had never realised her own dreams of turning her natural ability into a viable business.

As she and I wept together over the phone as she told me the diagnosis, my horror at the thought of her dying without ever realising her dream spurred me into action. Immediately and without thinking I said, ‘Let’s start a business together’ and Lightworker Institute was born. At that time I was medicated for anxiety, lost and far away from my soul’s path.

My sister joined us and for a year we tried with all our might to combine our unique gifts and very different approaches to life and business. It was hard. It was really hard. We were getting nowhere. But I was also blissfully happy because I knew I was finding my way home.

As it happened, my mother has a beautiful and perfectly healthy brain and after 6 months of rigorous testing she was given the all clear.¬†But Lightworker Institute was lost and floundering. I felt so driven and inspired but I couldn’t combine 3 separate visions.
Like a dream, an amazing business mentor, the unstoppable Ross Fletcher, appeared in one of my intuition workshops and offered to guide me. This is a theme that has continued throughout my business Рamazing support appearing out of nowhere to get me where I need to be. Within 3 months Lightworker Institute as a trinity of my mother, sister and I was finished. It was tough and there were tears but we all knew it was right.
Lightworker Institute was suddenly all mine. And all my responsibility.
Since October 2015 I have been dreaming Lightworker Institute 2.0 into being. I have been through death and rebirth and profoundly connecting to my why. It has been the greatest, hardest, most fabulous time of my life.
What I realise now is that the misdiagnosis of my mother was actually the beginning of setting me on my soul’s quest. I am eternally grateful.My new brand and new website are now launched officially, but it is the launch of so much more for me.

Lightworker Institute by Ricci-Jane Adams.

It’s only adding my name but it means so much. It is letting go and beginning again. it is having the courage to take my life fully into my own hands.


To celebrate launch month, I have been running an Instagram #luminouslife competition. I simply asked you to SHINE YOUR LIGHT and share your image. We had a bunch of beautiful entries and I have narrowed it down to 3 finalists. And now it’s your time to vote for the winner, who is in the running to score over $500 worth of Lightworker Institute by Ricci-Jane Adams services.

To vote, simply send an email to ricci@lightworkerinstitute.com.au* with your choice as the subject heading, or reply to the newsletter and you can also win a 30 minute phone/Skype reading just by voting. Entries close midnight, Friday 04.03.16.

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March 2, 2016

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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