How to know your intuition before you even ask a question…

Intuitive Intelligence is going beyond  “I know that I’m intuitive”.


Most of us would say, “I hear my intuition, but I do not yet trust it nor do I live it.”

So it’s very easy for most of us on the spiritual path to recognise
that we’re intuitive and that our intuitive hits are coming all of the time.

The difficulty is in how we trust the Universe enough to apply this knowing,
how do we step beyond the knowing into the experiencing and the living
in that co-creative partnership with the divine?

When we have a practice and a philosophy that we can follow, which is
what intuitive intelligence is,  we find that we can accelerate or leap
forward in our intuitive knowing to the point where we are never even needing
to ask a question.

That is the state of being in flow with the infinite.

The next best step for your life is always there even before you have to
contemplate what that is and you have no doubt, no question of the rightness
of your action even when logically it doesn’t make any sense.

Your life is meant to be lived in a state of flow but we need to learn
and deepen into the intuitive muscle through living the practices of
intuitive intelligence.

This is what happens when we apply our intuition.
The infinite wonder that is life opens to us.

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Until next time beloveds,

RJ xo

May 29, 2017

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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